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Team:   Syracuse Orange Description: Syracuse, NY Assessor: Joey McMahon  
Syracuse University Men's Basketball
Syracuse basketball highlights 2013
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Team Analysis  
1. Importance Important   Syracuse is one of the top teams in the nation each year. The type of game they play and players they have often sets the standard for other teams.
2. Wisdom Important   A strong Syracuse team usually brings along a strong Big East competition preparing them well for post-season play.
3. Knowledge Important   Syracuse wins when they convert turnovers into easy transition baskets, work the ball into the low post, and have adequate outside shooting.
4. Current Assessment Good   Syracuse has all the weapons to make the Fnal Four and win the national championship. The loss of Melo will hurt, but Syracuse is deep.
5. Future Assessment Good   Syracuse has a strong program every year. Against the top teams, they have as a chance as any. They can adapt to different competitive styles and find a way to win.
6. Risk Low   Syracuse has had issues with respect to drug-policy compliance and academic eligibility.
7. Practice Plan Assigned   Syracuse needs to practice blocking out rebounders when in their zone defense.
8. Game Plan Key   Syracuse needs to maintain low turnovers, garner turnovers from the other team, get production on offense in the low post, and defend the goal well.
9. Winning Probability   Relative probability of winning the NCAA Div 1 men's basketball championship
10. Betting  
Future Assessment Probabilities, Reasons and Explanations
   Possible Outcome Probability Value Reasons and Explanations
1. Awesome   100% Top 10 Syracuse is a perennial top 10 team.
2. Good  
3. Fair  
4. Bad  
5. Terrible  

Key Factors

Key Factor Importance   Current Assessment   Future Assessment  
1. 3 Pt Shooting   Important   Good   Good
2. Foul shots   Important   Good   Good
3. Zone defense   Important   Awesome   Awesome
4. Man-on-man defense   Important   Good   Good
5. Press   Important   Good   Good
6. Fast break   Important   Good   Good
7. Press break   Important   Good   Good
8. Shooting   Important   Good   Good
9. Passing   Important   Good   Good
10. Dribbling   Important   Good   Good
11. Assists   Important   Good   Good
12. Rebounding   Important   Good   Good
13. Turnovers   Important   Good   Good
14. Steals   Important   Good   Good
15. Blocked shots   Important   Good   Good
16. Mental toughness   Important   Awesome   Awesome
17. Team chemistry   Important   Good   Good
18. Winning passion   Important   Good   Good
19. Adversity   Important   Good   Good
20. Finesse   Important   Good   Good
21. Physicality   Important   Good   Good
22. Athleticism   Important   Good   Good

Player Importance   Current Assessment   Future Assessment  
1. Michael Carter-Williams   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
2. Rakeem Christmas   Important   Good   Good
3. Russ DeRemer   Important   Fair   Fair
4. C.J. Fair   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
5. Nolan Hart   Important   Fair   Fair
6. Griffin Hoffmann   Important   Fair   Fair
7. Baye Keita   Important   Fair   Fair
8. Matt Lyde-Cajuste   Important   Fair   Fair
9. Albert Nassar   Important   Fair   Fair
10. James Southerland   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
11. Brandon Triche   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
12. DaJuan Coleman   Neutral   Fair   Fair
13. Trevor Cooney   Neutral   Fair   Fair
14. Jerami Grant   Neutral   Fair   Fair
15. Noel Jones   Neutral   Fair   Fair

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