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  Event Competitive Analysis
Event: North Carolina vs. Kansas
Type: Playoff
Date: 03/25/2012
NCAA Midwest Regional Finals
St. Louis, MO
Elite 8
Edward Jones Dome
5:05 PM ET
Team 1
North Carolina Tar Heels

(Joey McNamara)
Team 2
Kansas Jayhawks

(Joey McNamara)
1. 3 Pt Shooting Awesome Awesome
2. Foul shots Awesome Awesome
3. Zone defense Awesome Awesome
4. Man-on-man defense Awesome Awesome
5. Press Awesome Awesome
6. Fast break Awesome Awesome
7. Press break Awesome Awesome
8. Shooting Awesome Awesome
9. Passing Awesome Awesome
10. Dribbling Awesome Awesome
11. Assists Awesome Awesome
12. Rebounding Awesome Awesome
13. Turnovers Awesome Awesome
14. Steals Awesome Awesome
15. Blocked shots Awesome Awesome
16. Mental toughness Awesome Awesome
17. Team chemistry Awesome Awesome
18. Winning passion Awesome Awesome
19. Adversity Awesome Awesome

Event Analysis  
1. Team 1 - Strengths High   North Carolina has all the weapons to win a national championship. The team play, the individual superstars, the coaching, and the defensive capability.
2. Team 1 - Weaknesses Moderate   Kendall Marshall's wrist injury will not allow him to play, and NC without their star point guard is a vulnerable team. They barely beat Ohio University Bobcats in the Sweet 16, winning by just one point in overtime.
3. Team 1 - Keys Important   NC is going to have to play a more disciplined game with the goal of keeping down the turnovers, and moving the ball, despite the absence of their start point guard.
4. Team 2 - Strengths Very High   Kansas has excellent athletes, players, coaches and program. They have all the pieces needed to win the national championship.
5. Team 2 - Weaknesses Low   Kansas does not have any major weakness.
6. Team 2 - Keys Important   Kansas needs to play an all court game, scoring from the inside and perimeter, running the floor and forcing NC to commit turnovers due to the absence of their star point guard.
7. Advantage Team 2   The absence of Kendall Marshall will become apparent as Kansas is a more solid, efficient team, beating NC by 4 or more points.

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