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Event: Michigan vs Syracuse
Type: Tournament
Tourn: NCAA Div 1 Men's Basketball Championships 2013 - March Madness
Game: 5
Date: 2013-04-06
Location: Atlanta, GA
Analyst: Joey McMahon
Michigan Wolverines
(Joey McMahon)
Syracuse Orange
(Joey McMahon)
1. 3 Pt Shooting Good Good
2. Foul shots Good Good
3. Zone defense Good Awesome
4. Man-on-man defense Good Good
5. Press Good Good
6. Fast break Good Good
7. Press break Good Good
8. Shooting Good Good
9. Passing Good Good
10. Dribbling Good Good
11. Assists Good Good
12. Rebounding Good Good
13. Turnovers Good Good
14. Steals Good Good
15. Blocked shots Good Good
16. Mental toughness Good Awesome
17. Team chemistry Good Good
18. Winning passion Good Good
19. Adversity Good Good
20. Finesse Good Good
21. Physicality Good Good
22. Athleticism Good Good

Event Analysis  
1. Michigan Wolverines - Strengths High  

Michigan Wolverines

Michigan's strength starts with a balanced attack, toughness from playing in the most difficult conference in D1, and a strong belief in themselves. Capable of playing stellar basketball.

2. Michigan Wolverines - Weaknesses Low  

Michigan's weakness is its lack of a knock out punch. They are strong and capable at all positions and styles of play. It's just that they lack a weapon to deliver a decisive blow to a top team.

3. Michigan Wolverines - Keys Important  

Michigan Wolverines

Advantage in the big games has turned to the perimeter players. The key will be Michigan's three point shooting.

4. Syracuse Orange - Strengths Very High  

Syracuse Orange

Syracuse is one of two Big East teams in the Final Four. They play an aggressive zone defense that forces opponents to rely on outside shooting which statistically favors Syracuse.

5. Syracuse Orange - Weaknesses Low  

Syracuse has been known to go into a scoring funk.

6. Syracuse Orange - Keys Important  

Syracuse Orange

Syracuse needs to be effective in its zone defense, needs to take smart shots on offense, and keep out of foul trouble and turnovers low.

7. Advantage Syracuse Orange  
Syracuse Orange Michigan Wolverines
77 75

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