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Team:   Louisville Cardinals Description: Louisville, KY Assessor: Joey McMahon  
Louisville Cardinals
Louisville vs Syracuse 03-16-2013
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Team Analysis  
1. Importance Important  

Louisville Cardinals

Louisville is a perennial powerhouse in men's basketball for the national championship.

2. Wisdom Important  

Coach Rick Pitino

A team that performs to Rick Pitino's level of expectation has a good chance at winning a national championship.

3. Knowledge Important  

Louisville defense

Louisville thrives on high pressure. Their goal is at least 35 deflections per game. Their defensive pressure turns into easy offensive opportunities and an uptempo game.

4. Current Assessment Awesome  


Despite the broken leg to Ware, the Cardinals are operating at peak form. They have won by double digit margins over all opponents. They are able to dictate the tempo of the game.

5. Future Assessment Awesome  


Louisville is fully prepared for the Final Four in Atlanta. Every aspect of their game is operating at peak performance. They are applying tremendous defensive pressure converting to easy baskets, and running an effective half court offense when needed.

6. Risk Low  

There is little besides injury risk facing Louisville. They are such talented players with a highly skilled and experienced coach that they will be performing their best.

7. Practice Plan Assigned  

Louisville needs to practice coming back from significant deficits and grinding it out in a half court battle.

8. Game Plan Key  


Louisville needs to dictate the pace of the game from their backcourt guards who cause deflections and run the fast break.

9. Winning Probability 80%  

Louisville is a heavy favorite to win.

10. Betting Good  

Take the spread. Louisville has outperformed and will continue to beat the spread.

Future Assessment Probabilities, Reasons and Explanations
   Possible Outcome Probability Value Reasons and Explanations
1. Awesome   90% Win by 15+

Cardinals dominate from the opening tip.

2. Good   10% Win by 5+
3. Fair  
4. Bad  
5. Terrible  

Key Factors

Key Factor Importance   Current Assessment   Future Assessment  
1. 3 Pt Shooting   Important   Awesome   Awesome
2. Foul shots   Important   Awesome   Awesome
3. Zone defense   Important   Awesome   Awesome
4. Man-on-man defense   Important   Awesome   Awesome
5. Press   Important   Awesome   Awesome
6. Fast break   Important   Awesome   Awesome
7. Press break   Important   Awesome   Awesome
8. Shooting   Important   Awesome   Awesome
9. Passing   Important   Awesome   Awesome
10. Dribbling   Important   Awesome   Awesome
11. Assists   Important   Awesome   Awesome
12. Rebounding   Important   Awesome   Awesome
13. Turnovers   Important   Awesome   Awesome
14. Steals   Important   Awesome   Awesome
15. Blocked shots   Important   Awesome   Awesome
16. Mental toughness   Important   Awesome   Awesome
17. Team chemistry   Important   Awesome   Awesome
18. Winning passion   Important   Awesome   Awesome
19. Adversity   Important   Awesome   Awesome
20. Finesse   Important   Awesome   Awesome
21. Physicality   Important   Awesome   Awesome
22. Athleticism   Important   Awesome   Awesome

Player Importance   Current Assessment   Future Assessment  
1. Chane Behanan   Important   Awesome   Awesome
2. Wayne Blackshear   Important   Fair   Fair
3. Gorgui Dieng   Important   Awesome   Awesome
4. Tim Henderson   Important   Fair   Fair
5. Zach Price   Important   Fair   Fair
6. Peyton Siva   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
7. Russ Smith   Important   Awesome   Awesome
8. Stephan Van Treese   Important   Fair   Fair
9. Kevin Ware   Important   Fair   Fair
10. Michael Baffour   Neutral   Fair   Fair
11. Logan Baumann   Neutral   Fair   Fair
12. Jordan Bond   Neutral   Fair   Fair
13. Luke Hancock   Important   Good   Good
14. Montrezl Harrell   Important   Good   Good

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