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Event: Louisville vs. Florida
Type: Playoff
Date: 03/24/2012
NCAA Phoenix West Regional
Championship game
Elite 8
March 24, 2012
University of Phoenix Stadium
Phoenix, AZ
CBS 4:30 PM ET
Team 1
Louisville Cardinals

(Joey McNamara)
Team 2
Florida Gators

(Joey McNamara)
1. 3 Pt Shooting Good Good
2. Foul shots Good Good
3. Zone defense Good Good
4. Man-on-man defense Good Good
5. Press Good Good
6. Fast break Good Good
7. Press break Good Good
8. Shooting Good Good
9. Passing Good Good
10. Dribbling Good Good
11. Assists Good Good
12. Rebounding Good Good
13. Turnovers Good Good
14. Steals Good Good
15. Blocked shots Good Good
16. Mental toughness Good Good
17. Team chemistry Good Good
18. Winning passion Good Good
19. Adversity Good Good

Event Analysis  
1. Team 1 - Strengths Very High   Very athletic team that plays a suffocating zone defense, causes lots of turnovers, and gets easy baskets with excellent athletic basketball players. On a hot streak, having done very well in the Big East tournament and NCAA championship playoffs.
2. Team 1 - Weaknesses Moderate   Rebounding is not always strong.
3. Team 1 - Keys Important   Louisville needs to play an uptempo game and get at least 12 pts off turnovers and hold their opponents to less than 45% shooting from the field.
4. Team 2 - Strengths High   Florida is a well coached team that runs a solid offense and has a strong zone defense. They don't beat themselves. They take the game to their opponent with lots of vigor.
5. Team 2 - Weaknesses Moderate   Florida does not have pure basketball players whose sheer skills and athleticism can dominate a game, or be the difference maker in a close competition. They depend on the whole team playing well.
6. Team 2 - Keys Important   Florida needs to pack the paint, and keep Louisville to less than 40% shooting.
7. Advantage Team 1   Louisville has too many weapons for Florida to contain all of them. Louisville has better players who can execute their own offense if need be in the final moments of a closely contested game.

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