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Event: Kentucky vs Kansas
Type: Championship
Date: 04/02/2012
Location: New Orleans, LA Superdome CBS, 9PM ET
Analyst: Joey McNamara
Team 1
Kentucky Wildcats

(Joey McNamara)
Team 2
Kansas Jayhawks

(Joey McNamara)
1. 3 Pt Shooting Awesome Awesome
2. Foul shots Awesome Awesome
3. Zone defense Awesome Awesome
4. Man-on-man defense Awesome Awesome
5. Press Awesome Awesome
6. Fast break Awesome Awesome
7. Press break Awesome Awesome
8. Shooting Awesome Awesome
9. Passing Awesome Awesome
10. Dribbling Awesome Awesome
11. Assists Awesome Awesome
12. Rebounding Awesome Awesome
13. Turnovers Awesome Awesome
14. Steals Awesome Awesome
15. Blocked shots Awesome Awesome
16. Mental toughness Awesome Awesome
17. Team chemistry Awesome Awesome
18. Winning passion Awesome Awesome
19. Adversity Awesome Awesome

Event Analysis  
1. Team 1 - Strengths Very High   Kentucky has all the tools needed to play any style of basketball and win. They have an outstanding offense with both an inside and outside game, and excellent zone defense. They pressure the ball effectively and score readily from turnovers.
2. Team 1 - Weaknesses Very Low   Kentucky's weakness is their transition defense. The problem is that it is very hard to cause them to make turnovers.
3. Team 1 - Keys Important   Uptempo offense. Suffocating zone defense forcing difficult interior shots, and predominantly perimeter shots.
4. Team 2 - Strengths Very High   Kansas has all the weapons needed to win. Offensive skill, size, poise and determination. Defensively, they rebound well, contest shots, and put pressure on the ball. They can score readily off turnovers.
5. Team 2 - Weaknesses Very Low   In a tight game, against a team like Kentucky who can match up with them, it will be hard for Kansas to score at will. At crunch time, they will need to get a shot from someone who can create their own opportunity. That may prove difficult.
6. Team 2 - Keys Important   Kansas's only chance to win convincingly, vs a lucky last second shot, is to get key Kansas players into foul trouble.
7. Advantage Team 1   Kentucky is just a bit better than Kansas, especially in the last 3 minutes of the game. Kentucky wins by 3 to 5 points in a well fought championship match.

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