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  Event Competitive Analysis
Event: Final Four - Duke vs. UNC
Type: Championship
Date: 04/01/2012
Location: Final Four NCAA Div 1 Men's Basketball Championships New Orleans, LA 3/31/12 - 4/2/12
Team 1
Duke Blue Devils

(Ann Velie)
Team 2
North Carolina Tar Heels

(Joey McNamara)
1. 3 Pt Shooting Awesome Awesome
2. Foul shots Awesome Awesome
3. Zone defense Awesome Awesome
4. Man-on-man defense Awesome Awesome
5. Press Awesome Awesome
6. Fast break Awesome Awesome
7. Press break Awesome Awesome
8. Shooting Awesome Awesome
9. Passing Awesome Awesome
10. Dribbling Awesome Awesome
11. Assists Awesome Awesome
12. Rebounding Awesome Awesome
13. Turnovers Awesome Awesome
14. Steals Awesome Awesome
15. Blocked shots Awesome Awesome
16. Mental toughness Awesome Awesome
17. Team chemistry Awesome Awesome
18. Winning passion Awesome Awesome
19. Adversity Awesome Awesome

Event Analysis  
1. Team 1 - Strengths Very High   Duke's strengths are its zone defense, up-tempo game, strong perimeter shooting and super coaching.
2. Team 1 - Weaknesses Moderate   Duke's weakness is against teams is its rebounding and making shots in the paint against teams with strong forecourts.
3. Team 1 - Keys Important   The key for Duke is to get out on the break and score transition baskets, either from turnovers or strong defensive rebounds.
4. Team 2 - Strengths Very High   UNC is strong at every position, has a deep bench, and excellent coaching staff.
5. Team 2 - Weaknesses Low   UNC does not have a weakness. They are human though and can lose because of poor decision making at critical moments.
6. Team 2 - Keys Important   UNC can play a complete game: uptempo or grind-it-out half court. Their physical presence is imposing on opposing teams
7. Advantage Team 2   UNC wins by one possession.

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