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Joey McMahon / GigaScout - Pro - Fan
Team:   San Antonio Spurs Description: San Antonio - AT&T Center Assessor: Joey McMahon  

Team Analysis  
1. Importance Important  

SA Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs are perennial Western Conference contenders. They have won 4 NBA titles with Tim Duncan.

2. Wisdom Important  


Spurs are a championship organization and know how to win.

3. Knowledge Important  

Spurs all stars

Parker, Duncan and Ginobli power the Spurs team. Together, they need to score

  • at least 80 points 
  • at least 25 assists
  • at least 30 rebounds
  • less than 15 turnovers
  • play more than 100 minutes

in order for SA to have a chance to win 95% of the time

4. Current Assessment Awesome  

The Spurs are peaking at just the right time. The trio of Parker, Ginobli and Duncan have ripped through a competitive Western Conference with sysetmatic effectiveness. They have all the weapons needed to win a 7 game series against the Heat.

5. Future Assessment Awesome  

The Spurs immediate future is the 2013 NBA Championship series. The Spurs have an excellent chance at winning. They are crafty and skilled enough to challenge  Lebron James. They play in the same league as Kobe Bryant, and are used to playing teams with superstars. 

6. Risk Low  

The Spurs team has a very low risk profile. They have solid players who stay out of trouble. They follow the Greg Popavich system. They are winners and champions.

7. Practice Plan Assigned  
8. Game Plan Key  

Spurs need to establish 

  • Parker's effectiveness in dribble penetration with kickout option
  • Duncan's deft shooting touch
  • Ginobli creativity in midrange game

Spurs need 45+ pts in each half, with 80% or more coming from the "Big Three" (Duncan, Parker, Ginobli)

9. Winning Probability 90%  
10. Betting  
Future Assessment Probabilities, Reasons and Explanations
   Possible Outcome Probability Value Reasons and Explanations
1. Awesome   10% win by 10+ pts
2. Good   20% win by 5+ pts
3. Fair   30% win by < 5 pts
4. Bad   20% lose < 4pts
5. Terrible   20% lose by 4+ pts

Key Factors

Key Factor Importance   Current Assessment   Future Assessment  
1. Fast break   Important   Awesome   Awesome
2. Foul shots   Important   Awesome   Awesome
3. Man-on-man defense   Important   Awesome   Awesome
4. Zone defense   Important   Awesome   Awesome
5. 3 Pt Shooting   Important   Awesome   Awesome
6. Assists   Important   Awesome   Awesome
7. Blocked shots   Important   Awesome   Awesome
8. Dribbling   Important   Awesome   Awesome
9. Passing   Important   Awesome   Awesome
10. Press   Important   Awesome   Awesome
11. Press break   Important   Awesome   Awesome
12. Rebounding   Important   Awesome   Awesome
13. Shooting   Important   Awesome   Awesome
14. Steals   Important   Awesome   Awesome
15. Turnovers   Important   Awesome   Awesome
16. Adversity   Important   Awesome   Awesome
17. Mental toughness   Important   Awesome   Awesome
18. Team chemistry   Important   Awesome   Awesome
19. Winning passion   Important   Awesome   Awesome

Player Importance   Current Assessment   Future Assessment  
1. DeJuan Blair   Important   Good   Good
2. Matt Bonner   Important   Good   Good
3. Tim Duncan   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
4. Manu Ginobili   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
5. Danny Green   Important   Good   Good
6. Kawhi Leonard   Important   Good   Good
7. Gary Neal   Important   Good   Good
8. Tony Parker   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
9. Tiago Splitter   Important   Good   Good
10. Boris Diaw   Important   Good   Good
11. Cory Joseph   Neutral   Fair   Fair
12. Patty Mills   Neutral   Fair   Fair
13. Nando De Colo   Neutral   Fair   Fair
14. Tracy McGrady   Important   Good   Good
15. Aron Baynes   Neutral   Fair   Fair

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