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Event: Celtics vs Hawks
Type: Playoff
Playoff: NBA Eastern Conf Playoffs 2012 - First Round
Game: 1
Date: 04/29/2012
Location: Philips Arena Atlanta, GA 7PM ET
Team 1
Boston Celtics

(Greg Devlin)
Team 2
Atlanta Hawks

(Greg Devlin)
1. Fast break Good Good
2. Foul shots Good Good
3. Man-on-man defense Good Good
4. Zone defense Good Good
5. 3 Pt Shooting Good Good
6. Assists Good Good
7. Blocked shots Good Good
8. Dribbling Good Good
9. Passing Good Good
10. Press Good Good
11. Press break Good Good
12. Rebounding Good Good
13. Shooting Good Good
14. Steals Good Good
15. Turnovers Good Good
16. Adversity Good Good
17. Mental toughness Good Good
18. Team chemistry Good Good
19. Winning passion Good Good

Event Analysis  
1. Team 1 - Strengths High   Boston is a team of veterans (Pierce, Allen, Garnett, Rondo) who have won an NBA Championship ('08) and almost another one ('10). They know what it takes to win playoff basketball. Garnett is having a super year. Ray Allen is currently hurt, but Avery Bradley is taking up the slack and gives the Celtics new dimensions with his stellar defense and baseline cuts. The Celtics have a good bench that provides both offensive firepower and defensive stops. Doc Rivers is an accomplished coach and tough to beat in the playoffs.
2. Team 1 - Weaknesses Low   Offensive rebounding continues to be a struggle for the Celtics. To win in each playoff series, the Celtics are going to need better offensive rebounding. The Celtics are also vulnerable to fast breaking, younger, athletic teams. Luckily for the Celtics, playoff basketball is most often about half court offense because the defensive talent is better.
3. Team 1 - Keys Important   Boston needs to play a controlled tempo game that creates good shot opportunities for its veteran players. The bench needs to contribute at least 15 points each game.
4. Team 2 - Strengths High   Atlanta is a talented team at all positions with a solid coach. They are a contender each year, yet just a play or player off from true success. Josh Smith and Joe Johnson are premier players. Atlanta has a decisive edge in youth and athleticism, and can use it to their advantage by causing turnovers and scoring baskets in transition.
5. Team 2 - Weaknesses Low   Atlanta struggles with taking high percentage shots within a set offense on a consistent basis.
6. Team 2 - Keys Important   Atlanta needs to play a solid half court grind game against the Celtics and prevail by taking higher percentage shots, cutting down on turnovers, and defending Paul Pierce well, holding him to 12 points.
7. Advantage Team 2   In the first game of the series, Atlanta has the advantage on their home court.

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