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Joey McMahon / GigaScout - Pro - Fan
Athlete: Avery Bradley Position: Guard (G) Description: G Assessor: Joey McMahon
Avery Bradley - Guard (Boston Celtics) 2012
6'3 Avery Bradley Official Hoopmixtape; Guard With Bounce - YouTube
Avery Bradley - The Defensive Phenomenon (HD) - YouTube
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Player Analysis  
1. Importance Important  
2. Wisdom Important  
3. Knowledge Important  
4. Current Assessment Good  
5. Future Assessment Good  
6. Risk Low  
7. Practice Plan Assigned  
8. Game Plan Key  
Key Factors

Key Factor Importance   Current Assessment   Future Assessment  
1. 3 Pt Shooting   Important   Good   Good
2. Foul shots   Important   Good   Good
3. Dribbling   Important   Good   Good
4. Mental toughness   Important   Good   Good
5. Shooting   Important   Good   Good
6. Passing   Important   Good   Good
7. Rebounding   Important   Good   Good
8. Zone defense   Important   Good   Good
9. Man-on-man defense   Important   Awesome   Awesome
10. Press   Important   Awesome   Awesome
11. Press break   Important   Good   Good
12. Fast break   Important   Awesome   Awesome
13. Assists   Important   Good   Good
14. Blocked shots   Important   Awesome   Awesome
15. Steals   Important   Awesome   Awesome
16. Turnovers   Important   Good   Good
17. Leadership   Important   Good   Good
18. Team chemistry   Important   Awesome   Awesome
19. Winning passion   Important   Awesome   Awesome
20. Inspiring   Important   Good   Good
21. Adversity   Important   Awesome   Awesome

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