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Name: Sudbury Spartans AAU - U16 Boys
Description: Sudbury Spartans AAU - U16 Boys basketball Scouting Report
Team Analysis  
1. Current Assessment Good   The Sudbury Spartans have two outstanding players. Tim Chase at guard, and Ed Street at center. Tim has a complete game, as does Ed. The supporting players are average.
2. Game Plan Key   The Sudbury Spartans have a very effective inside - outside game between Tim Chase and Ed Street. The game plan is to double team Ed Street each time he gets the ball in the low post, and to put Andover's best defender on Tim Chase. This will require a box-and-one defense. On offense, Andover's game plan is to work the ball into the paint for high percentage shots, and draw Ed Street away from the basket where he is so effective in shot blocking and rebounding.
Key Factors

Key Factor Importance   Current Assessment  
1. 3 Pt Shooting   Very important   Fair
2. Assists   Very important   Fair
3. Dribbling   Very important   Good
4. Rebounding   Very important   Awesome
5. Turnovers   Very important   Good
6. Fast break   Important   Fair
7. Foul shots   Important   Fair
8. Man-on-man defense   Important   Good
9. Zone defense   Important   Good
10. Blocked shots   Important   Awesome
11. Passing   Important   Good
12. Press   Important   Fair
13. Press break   Important   Good
14. Shooting   Important   Good
15. Steals   Important   Good

Player Importance   Current Assessment  
1. Ricky Grant   Important   Fair
2. Tim Chase   Very important   Awesome
3. David Blatt   Very important   Awesome
4. Greg Johnson   Important   Fair
5. Ed Street   Very important   Awesome
6. Rodney Pittman   Important   Good
7. Bruce Stockwell   Important   Good
8. John Chase   Important   Good
9. Chris Devlin   Very important   Awesome
10. Andy Grossman   Important   Good
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Sudbury Spartans

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